Assistant referee

Assistant referee

The assistant referee aids the umpire to officiate a match. In specialist games, 2 aides patrol each sideline. They each take responsibility for half of the field, diagonally opposing each other (see “Refereeing systems,” p. 23). They officiate in circumstances in which the umpire is not in a placement to make the best choice. Although important, their function is totally advisory.

The function of assistants


The more senior of the two aides usually manages the side of the field that contains the technological areas. To make sure that he can aid supervise alternatives. Common tasks for assistants include signaling for offside and establishing which group must be awarded a throw-in.

Flag signals

The flag is the aide’s essential tool, as flag signals are the basic form of interaction with an umpire (although a buzzer system is often additionally utilized). The unique red and also yellow checkered layout of the flag has been confirmed to be the most captivating shade combination over a far away. The following signals are most typically used during a suit.


A flag is held out to one side, aiming towards the play of the team granted the toss.

In addition to making use of flag signals and also a buzzer system, assistant referees utilize a selection of various other forms of interaction. Discrete hand signals. For example, show that a close ball has actually not headed out of play or that no offense has actually been devoted. In return, the umpire can use hand signals to inform an aide of the instructions in which a throw-in should be taken if she or he is unclear.

4th official


The 4th authorities aid the umpire with administrative obligations prior to as well as after the video game assists with examining gamers’ devices. As well as might call on to change another match official (see listed below). He also sets as well as stands up electronic display boards. Serves as one more set of eyes for the umpire, and maintains an additional set of records.

The 4th official as a substitute The fourth authorities may change the assistant referee or the referee. If an assistant injures them, as an example, the fourth authorities change him automatically. If an umpire can not continue, the fourth authority may change him straight, or an aide may change the umpire, with the fourth authority taking the aide’s position.